Now its time to create your own character!

Lets Get Started....

First you will be assigned a partner and each of you will get a folder to put all of your work in as you go.

Once your partner has been chosen the two of you should take a look at the character below:

What does he look like? What is he wearing? What color is his hair? What do his ears look like? What do his teeth and nails remind you of? Does he look happy? Look at his feet and his hands and his head, what do you see?

Both of you should take out a Now its time to create your own character! piece of paper. Write out the answers to the questions above. When the two of you finish compare your answers.

Once you have finished see if the two of you can come up with any more physical characteristic that you both did not mention.

Interview the Character....

When you are done look at the character again. Pretend he is sitting next to the two of you and you both can talk to him and ask him any questions you want.

Here are some examples of questions: Were do you live and what does it look like? What makes you Now its time to create your own character! mad? What makes you happy? Do you have a family? If so who are they? What was your life like growing up? What is your life like now? What do you do for fun?

What do you think he would say?

On a piece of paper, both of you, come up with some question on your own or use the questions above and answer them the way you think the character above would answer them. If the two of you have different answers for the same question then write both answers down because there is no right or wrong answer when Now its time to create your own character! you are use your imagination.

When you are finished put your work in you folder.

Now its time to create your own character!

You and your partner should take out a piece of drawing paper, crayons, pencils, pens, markers, whatever you have to draw with.

Once you have all your materials think really hard about what you want your character to look like. Once you've got it pick up those drawing materials and get drawing!


Once you have finished drawing print out this page: Print Page

Fill in the printed page with all the words and phrases you Now its time to create your own character! can think of to describe your character.

Once you have finished listing what your character looks like, you have to start your interview!

Just like we did before you are going to pretend that your character is sitting right next to you and you can ask them any questions you want. Look at the questions that were given before for ideas and come up with your own questions. You can use some of the question from before but try to come up with as many on your own as you can first. Use your partner for Now its time to create your own character! help with ideas. Remember the two you are here to help each other.

Print out this page for your interview: Interview Page


Here is everything that you will need:

1. The picture of your character that you drew.
2. The list of what he looks like.
3. The interview questions and answers you came up with.
4. Something hard to write on.
5. Something to write with.
6. This printed page: Print this page.

Find a spot on the floor to lay out all you papers and get comfortable.

Your task now it to turn all your ideas into sentences about your character. Use the Now its time to create your own character! paper you just printed out to write all your sentences on. Remember if you need help ask your partner.

Almost Done !!!!!!

Now it's time to take all your ideas and put them to good use!

Your final task it to take your sentences about your character and turn them into a paragraph. On the paper where you wrote you sentences number the sentences in the order you want to but them in your paragraph. Once you have them in order print this page: Print Page and start writing your paragraph.

When you’re done trade papers with a partner and Now its time to create your own character! read what each other wrote. As you read each others papers write in suggestions to make the paper better. After the two of you have finished reading and writing print out the page again: Print Page and rewrite you paper with any corrections and or suggestions from your partner.

When you are finished put all of your work in your folder.

Here are some examples of character Sketches:

Документ Now its time to create your own character!