You should say

You should say

IELTS Cue Card Sample 27

Describe a musical event in your country

You should say

· What the event it is?

· Where it takes place?

· What kind of music is played?

And explain why you enjoy it..

Follow-up Questions:

· What type music is famous in your country?

· What are influences of western music in teenagers in your country?

· Why music is important?

· Which one is more important: traditional music or western music?

Possible Answer 1:
I’m going to tell you today about a major musical event in my Country, which is England in the UK. I’ll tell you what it is, where and You should say when it takes place, the sort of music and why I think it is so significant… even though I’m not sure I’d really say I personally enjoy it!

The event I want to talk about is the BBC Proms. This is an annual summer festival that has been taking place since 1895 so is a well-established fixture in the UK. The festival is of orchestral classical music, the main focus of the festival is the impressive Royal Albert Hall in London, which is a huge domed venue that seats over 5,500 people. As well as the daily concerts there You should say are lots of satellite events in schools and parks, over the eight week period there are probably more than 100 concerts. Some dedicated ‘Prommers’ will get season tickets and attend as many of these as they can.

I’m not entirely sure why this concert season is known as ‘The ‘Proms’. I know Prom is short for Promenade concert, and I suppose originally these were outside events where people could stroll around (promenade) whilst the music was playing. Now, within the hall itself, I don’t think strolling around is approved of! However, unusually for classical concerts You should say, at the BBC Proms, there are lots of extra tickets made available for standing only. These are comparatively cheap tickets allowing concert-goers to stand in the arena and gallery areas of the hall. Consequently, the concerts are always packed and accessible to far wider audiences than is usual for classical music which is often too expensive for ordinary people to afford to attend.

Although The Proms go on for eight weeks, the really famous event is the closing concert or ‘Last Night of the Proms’. This is always televised and sometimes big screens are put up in parks across London You should say so people who couldn’t get tickets to the event can still watch and join in with the atmosphere. Traditionally this closing concert is quite raucous! People will dress up in patriotic costumes and wave union jack flags. This last concert in the series is usually quite light in tone, with popular classics in the first half, followed by rousing British Patriotic pieces in the second half which many audience members will join in singing with gusto! The sequence traditionally includes pieces by English composers such as Elgar’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ and Arne’s ‘Rule Britannia’ and usually You should say concludes with a rendition of ‘Jerusalem’ and the British National Anthem. Informally, post-concert, audiences often spontaneously break out and sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ but it isn’t a formal part of the program, rather a newly emerged tradition.

For many, the Last Night of the Proms is quintessentially English. A display of patriotism and a celebration of English Music and traditions. Tickets are extremely hard to come by and although the preceding eight weeks of concerts are really aimed at classical music aficionados, the last night is certainly widely watched and enjoyed.

For my own part, I You should say have to admit a little sheepishly it isn’t really my thing. I sometimes feel uncomfortable with all the displays of patriotic fervour and think some of the sentiments expressed are rather old-fashioned and inappropriate. Even so, it is an impressive tradition, and if you were a visitor from overseas who happened to be in London in the second week in September I’d definitely encourage you to get along and experience it if you could. You will see English pomp and ceremony, hear British composers and be amazed at how even the stereotypically reserved British, can indeed sometimes You should say be persuaded to come out to play!

Possible Answer 2:
There are several occasions and places in our country when musical events take place in my country. I'd like to talk about a particular music event that takes place in my home town and this takes place in the beginning of the spring. The event runs through 3-4 days and in 2-3 phases. In the first phase the local music bands and individuals perform and complete in the event. At the end of the competition 3 bands/ individuals are selected and are awarded. This is an important event as it You should say makes the participants famous in the country. This event is broadcasted in local TV channel and in Radio. This event takes place in the city hall auditorium. Thousands of music lovers and people attend the event to enjoy the music and the competition. Several kinds of music are played and among them classic, rock, folk and contemporary songs are most famous.

In the second phase some famous singers and musicians perform their own songs and people enjoy this very much. Lots of people from different parts of the country come to attend the show and enjoy the music.

I You should say have attended the event several times and enjoyed every time to be there. The event attracts lots of people and a festivity goes on surrounding this event. I enjoy the music, the gathering and the festivity of this event.

Tips for answering this Cue card topic:

Talk about a ceremony or festival in your country when music is played. This can be a national program, religious program, a local or traditional program or can be a theatre or seasonal program when some kind of music is played and people sing. Tell the program name, type of program, time of the year You should say or season when it is performed and where it is performed. If this is a local program, it held on your locality and if this is a religious or country wide program, then you should mention the significance of this program.

After you tell about the program name, type and time, you should then talk about the reasons you know this program and why you enjoy it. Since this is a music program, you do enjoy it because of your love for the music and festival. If the musical program is rooted to religious or patriot reason You should say, you should mention that as well.
You should avoid describing a stage program or a concert that can occur anytime of the year and has no great deal of importance nationally or locally. But think about any program which takes place in your locality in every summer and people enjoys it or any national program which takes place in every year and a lot of people participates in the musical program there.

Your preparation for this cue card would also help you answering the following cue cards:

1. Describe an event you attended and enjoyed.
2. Describe a musical program which you attended You should say.
3. Describe an important event of your locality that you know about.

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